Swan Lake was Sasha Cohen's 2003/2004 Free Skate based on the music of P.I.Tschaikovsky's "Swan Lake". It's a very elegant and graceful but also powerful program! She won the 2003 Skate America, 2003 Skate Canada, 2003 Trophée Lalique, 2003 Campbell's FS Classic Championships and the 2004 Marshall World Challenge with this program. It earned her a Silver Medal at the 2004 US National Championships, 2004 ISU GP Final and 2004 World Championships as well. The original choreography was done by Tatiana Tarasova although Sasha changed coaches and is now training with Robin Wagner. The pictures used for the fanlisting layout show the original dress which was designed by Sasha together with Tatiana. I absolutely loved this Free Skate when I first saw it. (I still prefer the original version over the revised one!) Although it's a very classical piece of music Sasha did a wonderful job performing it with such power and passion. To me it's her strongest program so far! Not only did she bring in some "fresh air" into this program, it also emphasizes her personality on ice. The music goes perfectly with her amazing grace and incredible flexibility with which she always performs.


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